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Everything tailored to your needs

Unlike traditional language schools that stick to a prescribed curriculum and schedule, we adapt our style, pace and teaching methods to each individual student without compromising the training goals. In line with this we carry out an initial screening at your company in order to evaluate the language level, work requirements and personal needs of each participant. We do our best to form homogeneous groups and have the know-how to handle differences in level.

During the first lesson, teacher and students agree on a programme which will be re-evaluated throughout the course.

Based on this, a complete curriculum is established by the school for each separate class.

When teaching, our instructors take into account each individual's cultural and educational background. We also take into consideration each participant’s learning style when presenting the course information to deliver information in the ways that it is best retained.

Our classes can be given in the most suitable location for our students and we go out of our way to accommodate each individual.

We think that each person deserves our full attention. That is why our teachers are pedagogically trained and great at creating an open and inviting classroom environment for everyone. 

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