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Amcham has been one of our most loyal partners since the very beginning. As a chamber of commerce, they bring together a great network of expats and industry professionals who want to exchange and do business together. More than this, Amcham has greatly contributed to allow thousands of expats and Luxembourg newcomers to call Luxembourg their home. As language plays a great role in feeling at home in Luxembourg, we have had multiple occasions to work together on this.
Through our collaboration and the support of the foundation of the Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, we managed to create a unique language learning tool to learn the 5 most common languages in Luxembourg as well as a useful tool for migrants of Farsi or Arabic origin looking to call Luxembourg their home. We are proud to call Amcham our friends and partners and can only highly recommend Amcham's network and ressources to anyone looking to connect with fellow expats and industry professionals in Luxembourg.
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